Grenade Official ‘s Ex- Lover Kilooto Drags Him to Court Again Over New Charges




Musician Grenade Official’s ex- lover , Kilooto has dragged him to court over new charges .

Through her lawyers, added “Theft and ” Malicious Damage ” charges  to the ” Criminal Trespass and Threatening Violence ” which  were perviously charged against the singer .

Ms Kilooto in her new statement accused the “Nkuloga'”singer of stealing her pricey Apple Watch which worth USD 500.That when she contacted Grenade to return it ,he turned deaf ear to her .

She further revealed that Grenade damaged her pricey iphone pro Max to the extent that she was not able to use it again .

She went a head to direct the Singer to delete his diss song “Wewanika” as she vowed to add defamation case Grenade’s case file if he fails to comply as she directed .

It should be remembered when Grenade broke up with his ex-lover , Abdul Aziz Kilooto, they shared their dirty linen in public to the amusement of public in-laws.

Kilooto even had Grenade arrested over criminal trespass. When he left the cells on police bond, he rushed straight to the studio to record a diss song titled “Wewanika” in which he brags that he used her like a condom.

KY Jamal
KY Jamal
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