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Grenade Official Denies Witch- Hunting His Ex- Lover

Singer Deus Ndugwa alias Grenade Official rubbished the allegations that he was Witch- hunting his ex- lover Abdul Aziz Kilooto and hence the reason why the latter dumped him.

A few days ago, Kilooto accused Grenade of practicing witchcraft on her with intentions of forcing her to love him more ,something that didn’t please her.

Later Grenade was arrested on charged of “Criminal Trespass and Threatening Violence by Kilooto.

While speaking to Mr Henrie during an interview, Grenade denied Witch- hunting and beating up his girlfriend Kilooto as it has been alleged Severally.

He said that he just loved his girlfriend too much ,that is why she claimed that he was using charm on her.

He further revealed that there’s absolutely no reason why he would raise his arm to beat a woman as he rubbished rumors of being violet to his ex – lover.
Claiming that  is peaceful man and that he respect ladies .

KY Jamal
KY Jamal
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