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Gravity Omutujju Defends His Sentiments that Supported Gender Violence

Singer Gereson Wabuyi alias Gravity Omutujju has come out to defend his sentiments that supported gender violence .

Gravity Omutujju over yesterday became topic on social media over his sentiments while supporting fellow singer Weasel Manizo’s thumping up his baby mama Sandra Teta ,claiming that he would also do the same thing ,in fact he’s much of a woman beater than Weasel .

After increased pressure from the demanding demanding him to react his words or else to boycott his shows ,the “Tusimbudde ” singer has publicly apologized and said that whatever he uttered in the trending video was a joke and he never meant it.

He disclosed that he gives women respect and he has never beaten any woman and he I’ll never do so in his life.

“Woke up this morning with numerous missed calls on my phone and many incoming ones from different people in concern of the interview I did with Kay’s – Whatever I said during that interview was a joke. I love and respect my woman and I can never and I have never raised my hands to beat any woman at anyone point and I condemn it. My apologies to all Ugandans about the miss communication in that interview”,He stated.

KY Jamal
KY Jamal
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