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Grace Khan Fails to Pay 50k Restaurant Bill, Owner threatens to Arrest her

Struggling singer Grace khan is involved in another scandal again with the latest being that she has failed to pay a restaurant bill worth 50,000 Uganda shillings.

It has been reported that Grace Khan went to a restaurant known as ‘Fine Dining’ where she ordered four plates of food and ten bottles of soda, she fled without paying the bill.

According to the restaurant owner only identified as Fatuma, Grace Khan promised to pay the bill but all in vain.

Fatuma adds that whenever she tried to confront her about the debt, she avoids and throws insults at her. Fatuma says that the singer is a drug addict and that she spends most of her money on drugs.

“I remember there was time she told me to wait for her to bring for me my money, I waited until I could not wait  any longer, I, later on, learned that immediately she told me to wait she used the back door, jumped on a   motorbike and took off,” said Fatuma,  the restaurant owner.

Grace Khan
Grace Khan

Sources add that this has been her Grace Khan’s habit and that she owes a number of people starting from Boda Boda riders to saloon owners in Nalukolongo where she resides.

It should be noted that the band singer has been involved in a number of scandals and the most serious was when she was undressed over 300,000 Uganda shillings saloon fees.

She has also been entangled in witchcraft scandals where she was accused of bewitching her ex boyfriend Jovan Luzinda’s girlfriend who at one point ran mad.

See Screenshots Below;

Khina Murah
Khina Murah
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