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Gospel Artist Exodus Attacks His Former Manager Lanek


Gospel artist Lubega George Timothy aka Exodus has never swallowed his boiling anger ever since he split with  his former manager Lanek a couple of months .

While speaking to one of local TV, Exodus said leader is seen by his character and behavior ,claiming that was just putting himself in position to be the leader of gospel artistes which is not cable of ,saying that he is so arrogant and he doesn’t respect himself that only president he knows is King wishely.

He went on to refute the claims that Lanek contributed to his come back,saying that you can’t compare brand to Lanek to Exodus because brand Exdous is a big brand .

He disclosed that had music break because he was going into total depression and that he couldn’t want to force himself to release music because he would end up giving his fans crap.

However, he revealed that he is working on an album and also promised to drop a song every month .

It’s alleged that the two fell out following a disagreement arising from uneven sharing of funds from shows and performances.

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