“Going Back on Stage Would Put Huge Smile on My Face” – Sheebah Cries Out




Singer sheebah Karungi has come and pledges to fountain of honor to allow artists to go back on stages and also organise concerts a head of his national address today 8pm addressing new COVID-19 guidelines and crisis in the country

Last year President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni President Museveni directed a 32 day ban of all public gatherings in Uganda as government monitors the movement of the coronavirus across the region.

Markets,worshipping centres,schools ,universities were opened and entertainment industry still under the ban.
TNS singer ,Sheebah through his facebook pages cries to the president to allow artists to go back on stage to earn living and they deeply suffering because they invest a lot and earn nothing for now.

Sheebah ‘s Open Prayer:

Going back on stage would put a huge smile on my face right now just like @jesadairy does!!



Please God,Come through for all of us 🙏🏽Artists are deeply suffering including the Art business at large. We are trying our very best but Its been 15months now
(1 year & 3months)😢 ,Yet we have to keep producing new music & shooting videos too, How are we going to sustain investing without income?

I Pray everything goes back to normal soon. #GodAboveAll🙏🏽

What would put a huge smile on your face at the moment? It’s an open prayer.

Aunty Jesa putting her wishes & worries out there for the universe, you never know🙏🏽
@jesadairy 💙

KY Jamal
KY Jamal
I am a Uganda born Writer , Entertainment news journalist , influencer , Marketer ,News editor and critic for the latest East African Entertainment news
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