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“God Visited Me with a Message For You” – Bad Black To Ugandan Celebrities


Self proclaimed president of Ugandan prostitutes, Shanitah Namuyimba a.k.a Bad Black has claimed that God visited her in her dreams with a message for Ugandan Celebrities.

According to the reknown Masolo queen, God told her to tell Ugandan Celebrities to desist from converting to Christianity after being infected with deadly STD’s as this displeases Him.

She claimed that Jesus won’t heal the sicknesses as they wish. They should therefore take  medicine instead of becoming gospel singers and motivational speakers.

“Today morning, God visited me with word of peace. Dear Uganda celebrities stop converting into Christianity after being effected with deadly diseases. Jesus don’t heal them accept it and take medicine instead of you becoming biblical motivational speaker even if you spend all life singing gospel yesu teyaliyo nga mwezina. Kindly take medication tukooye to loose you be happy eat this is a free world. Thank you”. she wrote on her socials.

It should be remembered that a section of Ugandan artistes like Desire Luzinda have shifted from singing secular songs and resorted to Gospel singing. Others completely abandoned singing to concetrate on religion.

TodaYs morning God visited me with word of peace ✌️

Dear Uganda celebrities stop stop converting into Christianity…

Posted by Chanitah Ptt on Tuesday, November 24, 2020

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