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Ghetto Kid’s Patricia Sitya Loss Clears Air on Her UACE Results

TripletsGhetto Kids’ dancer Patricia Nabakooza alias Patricia Sitya Loss has cleared the air on her 2022 Uganda Advanced certificate of Education ( UACE) examinations results.

A few weeks ago,one identified as Justine Nantale tweeted a picture of Patricia in a sad mood and captioned it ” PATRICIA SITY LOSs after receiving her UACE result,she thought life was only about dancing 😄😄”

This tweet implied that Patricia had failed her UACE exams which were released on March 3,2023..

While speaking in an interview, Patricia poured cold water on Nantale’s tweet saying that the photo she shared was taken when she was in form 3 and she was doing an interview with Al Jazeera.

She went on to say that she found no need to share her results, as she’s never shared them before. However, she told fans who are interested in them to send a direct message (DM).

She further noted that by posting them she would be validating Nantale’s tweet.

“Since completing Primary Seven, I had never revealed my points… So, I didn’t see it necessary… I performed well. I got points to take me… to campus,” Patricia said.

“I’m sorry to all my people who want to know my points… you DM me and I will tell you… but I won’t share them publicly.”

On Nantale, she noted: “I don’t know her. She didn’t pay my schools fees. First of all, the photo [she used in the tweet] is my senior three picture. I was being interviewed by Al Jazeera and I was at school.”

She went on: “This is social media; everyone is free to do whatever they want, but to some point, you have to respect someone’s peace. I don’t know her. I’ve never done anything to her.”

Patricia said she is considering journalism among the programs she will pursue at university.

“I will sit and think about what program I will pursue and the best university for that,” she added.

KY Jamal
KY Jamal
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