General Elly Tumwine Explains the Presence of Plain Clothed Security Officers during Bobi Wine Protests




Security Minister, General Elly Tumwine has revealed why Government used plain clothed security officers during the Free Bobi Wine riots that lasted two days.

Plain clothed officers carrying guns were spotted in mainly Kampala on the second day of the Bobi Wine arrests, something that created confusion.

However, according to the security minister, using plain clothes was a tactic aimed at catching the ring leaders of the riots.

We are yet to establish those who actually shot them and under what circumstances. That’s a matter of investigation, because we had information that some of these groups were trying to acquire guns so that they kill people in such a Kavuyo (chaos), pre-planned. That information was also available. About why there were people looking like civilians with guns, when you want to catch a thief sometimes you behave like a thief, because all those are just tactics” Gen. Elly Tumwine.

The riots saw 40 civilians dead and several injured.

Khina Murah
Khina Murah
I am a Ugandan well trained and experienced Entertainment journalist and businesswoman. I do both research and anchoring.
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