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“Geosteady was Careless with her” – Mr Henrie on why he’s Chewing Prima Kardashi


Galaxy FM’s Mid morning saga show host, Mr. Henrie has hit hard at singer Geosteady, accusing him of carlessness for letting Prima Kardashi slip out of grasp.

Prima Kardashi and Geosteady split up about a year ago after the former accused Geosteady of domestic violence.

She also accused him of psychologically and physically subjecting to torture, something that inspired her to wave goodbye to the ‘Sometimes’ co singer.

Immediately after calling it quits with Geosteady, Prim immediately flew into Mr. Henrie’s arms where she was gladly recieved and the two have bee together since.

In a viral video online, Mr. Henrie noted that indeed a good woman like Kardashi has to be stolen from a careless man who is not aware of her worth.

Prima and Mr Henrie

“A good woman is not so easy to find these days. You have to steal from a careless man who doesn’t value what they have.” Mr. Henrie said

Geosteady however thinks that Mr. Henrie has been blinded by love and can no longer see with his eyes.

He claims that Prima Kardashi is not what she looks to be since he also suffered domestic violence at her hands.

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