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Gaetano to Sue NTV Uganda for Invading His Privacy 

Legendary radio host,  Gaetano Jjuuko Kaggwa has vowed to throw NTV Uganda, KCCA and Uganda  Police to court for invasion of Privacy.

It should be noted that Police over the weekend raided bars allover Kampala and arrested a number of party goers in areas of Makindye,  Lubaga,  Kitintale and Bugolobi.

A number of Prominent figures were arrested like Dr. Hilderman,  Bad Black,  Sheilah Gashumba with Gaetano Kaggwa inclusive.

Luckily,  Gaetano was released shortly and has come out to curse the camera persons from NTV that filmed moments of him being arrested by Police.

The famous radio host defended himself saying that he was observing social distancing and wearing a mask but Police forced their way in 25 minutes after 9pm which is slightly past Curfew time.

He has however promised to sue NTV Uganda for filming his private business,  Ugamda Police for arresting him as well as KCCA.

“My concern was the cameras, they have no right whatsoever to come and film. You don’t just come to my private business as if it is your personal business and start filming. “

“I was at Zone 7, which also happens to be my establishment. That’s where I go for dinner, to meet clients and to talk business. But these people entered zone 7 at 25 minutes after 9 o’clock when people were actually getting ready to go home.”

“I am an essential worker, I was having dinner, yes there might have been a loose bottle somewhere. But we were very few there, we were observing social distance. Mind you, I even had a mask on,” Gaetano said.

Gaetano, Hilderman, Bad Black & Sheila Gashumba Arrested
Gaetano, Hilderman, Bad Black & Sheila Gashumba Arrested

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