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Zari Hassan is considered a ‘Boss Lady’ for her top-notch business moves when it comes to entrepreneurship. Besides her own businesses,  Zari Hassan’s name has a lot of wealth attached to it following the death of her late husband Don Ivan Semwanga, a man who was known for his wealth and here we break down her Net Worth 2021.

If we’re looking at Zari’s health, we have to agree that she just inherited most of it from Late Ivan Semwanga. After he passed on,  Zari and Ivan’s family fought for the late millionaire’s properties which let a huge rift between Zari and Ivan’s family.

Digging deep into the properties that Ivan Ssemwanga left behind, property which Zari Hassan probably walked away with considering her previous marriage to Ivan and their three boys, a highly placed source intimate to Zari’s ex-husband Ivan gave a breakdown of the late’s properties. According to our source, the properties were listed in Ivan’s name as at his death;

The Brooklyn Schools in South Africa

According to our source, Ivan started the Brooklyn Schools with Zari Hassan. However, when the two separated, Zari took her shares. The mother of five would only go to the schools for administration purposes after their separation. Right now, the socialite is the soul owner of the schools, in fact she just graduated from the same college.

A Palatial Home in Waterkloof in SA

The boss lady resides in South Africa in one of their houses in Waterkloof. It is a humongous house with a very big swimming pool and other minifying details.

Super-expensive Posh cars

Zari Hassan cars have been the envy of many for quite some time now. Men might find them intimidating, but almost religiously, she uses them to encourage women to believe in themselves. The liist is closee to endless but lets list some of her most expensive toys: Mercedes Benz E 250 CDI, Audi Q, a Range Rover Evoque and a Black Mercedes Benz E250 among others.


A Real Estate Company

The late Ivan Ssemwanga left behind a very successful real estate company that deals in buying and selling of houses and land. The company is said to be among the biggest in South Africa. The company was one of his major sources of finances.

Zari Hassan is an Enterprenuer who owns many other businesses in South Africa like a cosmetic shop somewhere in Pretoria. Indeed the socialite is worth millions and never hesitates whenever she has a chance to flaunt her possessions.

Zari Hassan Net worth 2021

Zari Hassan’s ex husband collected over Ushs 700 million per month from his numerous businesses across the continent. It was reported that she was to get about 50 percent of that wealth as stipulated in the will. Zari walks home with a total of 350 million per month. Zari’s net worth has been put up to USD 8.8 million.


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