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Frank Gashumba Lashes Out at Samson Kasumba For Attacking His Daughter

Self-styled political and social analyst, Frank Gashumba, has vehemently launched an attack against Next media Journalist Samson Kasumba for attacking his daughter his Sheilah Gashumba

Last year in December , Sheilah went on verbal war with Fellows presenter Kayz for deeming her fashion choice at her ” One man One bottle” show at Motiv.

In her verbal encounter, Sheilah revealed that she grew up watching international TV shows while Kaiyz was raised watching local content like “Kigenya Genya” and “That’s life Mwatu”.

Her divulgence, however, triggered mixed reactions from local content enthusiasts, including Next media news anchor Samson Kasumba.


In response to Sheilah’s allegations, Kasumba asked the socialite to engage in the arguments she wants but to appreciate regional works created by some genuinely outstanding artists in Uganda.

However, Sheilah’s father may have been offended by Kasumba’s revelation, as he addressed it during his recent interview on Radio 4

Renowned for speaking his mind, Frank Gashumba questioned where Samson Kasumba gets the guts to defend the local content when he still fakes the British accent.

Angry Frank Gashumba went on to stress that Kasumba is currently suffering from a middle-age crisis, before daring him to avail his life achievements for comparison with his daughter Sheilah.

KY Jamal
KY Jamal
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