Frank Gashumba Finally Speaks Out on Sheilah & Rickman Romance




Frank Gashumba, the CEO of Sisimuka Uganda and a welll known political analyst has opened up about the Sheilah Rickman romance that has already reached it’s climax

Speaking on NBS TV yesterday, Frank revealed that he had no time for nosense that usually finds its way on social media. He said that his time is always valued and invested on more important issues.

This is after several tweets allegedly posted by Frank Gashumba went viral. In the tweets, Frank asks his daughter’s boyfriend, Rickman Manrick to cough up his bride price or stop chewing his daughter on credit

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Frank distanced himself from the tweets and reminded fans that his accounts are all verified. He accused Ugandans of lacking what to do and thus resort to nosense

Sheilah – Rickman Manrick

“It’s not me that tweeted about Sheilah. All my accounts are verified but just because Ugandans have nothing to to do. When they see a very small thing, instead of looking for the truth, they just jump on it ” he said.

The veteran bachelor rarely, if at all speaks about his daughter’s high libido which makes her switch partners as often as the weather changes

She has been involved with God’s Plan, Fik Fameika, and is now dreaming blue skies with Rickman Manrick.

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