Former MP Kato Lubwama Warns Bloggers Who Announced Him Dead (VIDEO)




Former Rubaga south MP, Hon. Kato Lubwama has come out to warn bloggers who announced him dead while he was on his sick bed.

A few weeks back , different bloggers announced Kato Lubwama dead while he was attaining his specialized medical attention in Turkey.

While for his recent interview with one of local TV channels, Kato Lubwama stressed that people should stop taking other people’s lives for granted and it is not cool to pronounce someone alive dead.

He pointed out Swedish – Ugandan blogger Eddy Messiah saying that he is the one who started circulating fake news of his death and has threatened to sue him if he doesn’t stop it.
He added that he was advised to get back to stage performance as part of cancer therapy by his medical personnel though he will fly back for further treatment soon.

He bragged that he doesn’t need anyone’s help and that he has not reached a point of begging money for treatment, God should take him if he reach to that point.

“I don’t need anyone’s help, if I reach a point of begging money for treatment, God should let me die”, Kato Lubwama said.




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