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Five Shocking Reasons Why Nina Roz & Daddy Andre’s Marriage Ended in Tears, Sources Reveal

Nina - Andre

Celebrity couple Daddy Andre and Nina Roz shocked many when they revealed their romance with their surprised Kukyala Ceremony.

This raised eyebrows among their fans following their hideous past.

But after a while, the fans got to accept the fact Nina and Andre had chosen to take on a journey to a successful marriage which was also backed up by their beautiful song collaborations like Nangana and Andele, which have topped many music charts.

After few months of marriage, rumour circulated that the couple’s romance had hit the rocks for reasons of cheating and Disrespect.

However, during Galaxy Zzina awadds, Nina and Andre trashed the claims saying that they had no trouble in their relationship which the public found hard to believe due to their facial expressions in the interviews.

Days later, an audio leaked where Andre was declaring their official breakup explaining that Nina had resorted back to her old ways of doing drugs and sleeping around.

He also accused her of infidelity saying she has a sugar daddy who lives in the UK with a wife and a stable family plus another guy in South Africa called Shakur.

Nina Roz and Daddy Andre.

“She went back to her old habits but I have been trying to fix her. We should leave out the UK guy because he has a wife and we are giving him a platform. He is an old man so I don’t want to ruin his marriage. Then there is a South African guy called Shakur,” he said.

However, according to sources, here are the reasons that saw Nina and Andre’s love story hit dead end.

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*Nina Roz was paying Rent and other House Bills

According to reliable sources, Nina Roz was taking care of all the bills in their home and Daddy Andre was not paying for anything.

Both had High Libido

Reports indicate that both Nina Roz and Daddy Andre were frequently engaging in sexual relations with other people.


Daddy Andre has not been trusting Nina due to her past of prostitution and the same applies to Nina who also distrusted Andre following the fact that many slayers yearned to get in his pants

African chemistry took centre stage

Sources say that Nina Roz was using witchcraft in order to keep Andre for herself


The couple was not willing to sacrifice time for one another because each one had to keep their brand on top. Also they.

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