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Financially, I am Far Better than Eddie Ssendi- DJ Nirmod

There is a fresh feud that has erupted between two media personalities Eddie SSendi and DJ Nirmod.

The Verbal war sparked when DJ Nirmod directed provocative words towards Dembe FM ‘s presenter Eddie Ssendi as he advised him to  step a side and let the younger journalists take over the music business.

However ,Eddie Ssendi who is well known for not eating his words responded by telling DJ Nirmod that he will never succeed in life socially ,financially and sexually if he think that to make it in life some people have to first step a side.

During his interview ,DJ Nirmod quickly lashed out to Eddie Ssendi’s Comments on him by saying that he is financially far better than Eddie Ssendi .claiming that he has done alot of things which Ssendi hasn’t done yet.

He further said that sexually is successful because he has proof of three children which deletes Ssendi’s bedroom claims on him.

Eddie Ssendi and DJ Nimrod have for a long time been at loggerheads over different issues in the entertainment circle with the former rooting for the veteran artists whereas the latter roots for young talents.

We are yet to hear Eddie Ssendi’s reply on Nirmod ‘s comments

KY Jamal
KY Jamal
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