Fille Mutoni Requests MC Kats to Apologize to Her Mother Following Bitter Altercation




Singer Fille Mutoni has requested her former baby daddy MC Kats to apologise to her mother following bitter altercation a few weeks ago.

A few weeks ago ,MC Kats was recorded while exchanging bitter words with his mother in law.
He accused his mother in law for denying him access to his daughter he sired with Fille.

During her recent interview, Fille disclosed that she will not forgive MC Kats until he apologises to her mother.

She said that there ‘s no one on earth that she loves and respect more than her mother.

“I love my mother more than I can love any man. Mc Kats meets his daughter whenever he feels like, I don’t know why he had to insult my mother. That’s truly inexcusable,” she said.

She further refuted MC Kats claims that he bought the piece of land where her mother stays .

Claiming that she bought her mother’s plot of land from sweat of her own hustle.

KY Jamal
KY Jamal
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