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Feffe Buusi,Rumored Lover Karole Kasita Share cosy Moments on Stage

Feffe Buusi and Karole Kasita in past few months have been spending quality time together and fans are speculating they are an an item .

The two musicians attended Bukedde TV’s ‘ Embuutu Y’embuutikizi’ concert over the weekend and performed together live on stage and Karole shared a cute dance and touchy with each other sending the crowd into a frenzy.

Many were heard whispering how Feffe Buusi with no doubt is responsible for Karole Kasita’s big tummy.


For a year now, allegations have been going around stating that musicians Karole Kasita and Feffe Bussi are dating each other but without proof.

Feffe Buusi and Karole Kasita

Recently, snoops landed on their private phone call conversations filled with love and romance and confessions of sweet nothings for each other.

According to an anonymous tip off, the two singers, Karole and Feffe are currently getting ready for their own Kukyala Ceremony.

KY Jamal
KY Jamal
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