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Faded Singer G. Snake on Why She Quit Music

Faded Singer Sarah Namukwaya alias G. Snake has come out to reveal why she decided to quit music prematurely.

G.Snake probably the biggest the biggest song in early 2000 dubbed ” Kampala Enyuma Kiro

Since then, she has tried but failed to produce a similar hit and after a decade of trying, the faded star musically went silent for years .

However, a few days ago her fans came out with her photos online questioning her whereabout.

Having landed on many posts online questioning about her whereabout ,quickly came out to answer them by saying that she deliberately decided to get a break from singing to nurture her family that she gave birth to daughters who always need mom round.

She further said that sometimes they give much time to look for money but eventually end up losing more than you bargained for .

“Alright….people, who are actually asking…,”where is Gsnake, yadawa…omusota gwamulya?”….When I decided to get a break from singing, wasn’t because ndi bubi. Sometimes we have to put all we do on a scale. I had to get a break from all that to nurture my family. Otherwise, in a way, I would lose it. Gave birth to daughters…they need mom around. Sometimes we look for money, but you eventually end up losing more than you bargained for. I decided to have a break from music…to nurture my girls. All in all, thanks for your unending concern. Oh by the way, I have other ventures I milk my money from…..God is good to me…..Stay blessed. 🙏🏽”,She posted .

KY Jamal
KY Jamal
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