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Evelyn Namulondo comes clean on claims of Dating Dr.Gordon

The Ebonies actress Evelyn Namulondo has opened up on her love life ,dismissing claims that she was once dating fellow actor and workmate Jonathan Edward Suubi alias Dr.Gordon Ssemagonja.

It should be noted that ,Last week ,Dr Gordon publicly opened up how Evelyn Namulondo broke his heart while they were still dating .

He further accused her of being thoughtless and uncaring no wonder she lost nothing in breaking his heart after the latter started dating.

When Namulondo was asked about why she broke up with Dr.Gordon ,during her recent Interview with Spark TV ,she denied the allegations ,saying that she has never been in any kind of relationship with Dr.Gordon.

According to Namulondo ,she only knows Dr.Gordon as a workmate and nothing beyond that like he claims.

Further, Namulondo said that she was shocked when she saw Dr. Gordon lamenting on TV and later thought that the latter was only kidding since he is an actor.

“I don’t know Dr. Gordon Ssemagonja when it comes to love matters. In fact, I was even shocked when I saw him on TV making such allegations.

Maybe he was paving a way or setting himself up for grabs because guys like him love to set themselves for sugar mummies.

Since he is an actor, he could have been joking because whatever he said, I don’t know about it. I don’t know him. I only know him just as my workmate and fellow actor.”,she said

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KY Jamal
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