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Evelyn Lagu’s Husband in a Bitter Fight with their Son Over Donating His Kidney to Save Lagu

Singer and actress Evelyn Lagu has come out to respond to the father of her son regarding the issue of her son giving her a kidney.

Speaking in an audio, Evelyne’s ex husband known as Andrew asked the singer to look for other donors but not put their Son’s life in danger the fact that he is still a young boy.

He explained that he is concerned because the transplant might come along with complications yet he has his whole life ahead of him.

However, Lagu revealed that she has done enough research about the procedure and she is certain that her son will still live a normal life even after the transplant.

She also said that she Did not Force her son to give her a kidney explaining that he went and carried out a blood test without her knowledge and the results came out positive.

Lagu also warned her ex husband against overstepping his boundaries because he has provided for their son ever since he was born.

Evelyn Lagu & son
Evelyn Lagu & son

“I did not force my child to give me a kidney. I have battled with my child since I Gave birth to him, his father has not given me cent for the child. He also went ahead and tested his blood with out my consent and the results came out and our blood group was a match, that’s when he told me he wanted to give me his kidney. ”

“I don’t want to create any kind of enmity but he has no right to come between me and my son,” Evelyn Lagu said in an interview with Spark tv.

Evelyn’s son however stood his grounds and revealed that he is very much willing to help his mother because she has been there for him single handedly. He also said that he is making 18 years old next month therefore he has a right to decide for himself.

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