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“End HIV Stigma, End AIDS Discrimination” – MC Kats Embarks on HIV Campaign

The last few days have seen MC Kats real names Edwin Katamba turn into a strong activist against HIV AIDS. The Celebrated Mcee revealed early this year that he has been living with AIDS for over 8 yeras. MC Kats becomes one of the very few public figures in Uganda the world to openly talk about his status

This declaration shocked many as it is not common for a public figure to come out and declare their Health status to the world but Kats has become an extra ordinary human being who has learnt that anyone can live happily with HIV, he has ever since become a strong pillar to all Ugandans living positively.

Following his revelations as an HIV positive man, his career remained unhindered and has went on to become one of the most celebrated emcees in the industry.

With Kats living with the incurable HIV, many speculated that his girlfriend singer Fille Mutoni was also infected, but he came out and trashed these reports, He revealed that none of his baby mamas and children are sick and threatened to sue local newspapers and tabloids that reported otherwise.

MC Kats - Fille Mutoni
MC Kats – Fille Mutoni

Despite all this, Kats is much stronger than ever, he recently said that he is happy that he has made it in life despite having the incurable HIV.

To help Ugandans living with HIV, the self-proclaimed Mcee has started an edutainment Campaign to end the stigmatization of people living with HIV.

In conjunction with Uganet, Mc Kats will host a series of shows sensitizing the public about the dangers of looking down on people living with HIV.

MC Kats starts HIV Campaign
MC Kats starts HIV Campaign

Khina Murah
Khina Murah
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