Home Entertainment Edward Ssendi Threatens to Thump Halimah Namakula Over Remarks on his Height

Edward Ssendi Threatens to Thump Halimah Namakula Over Remarks on his Height


Motor mouthed radio personality, Edward Ssendi has threatened to thump faded singer, Halimah Namakula and make her spend the rest of her life in hospital.

An angry Ssendi cautioned the singer against talking about him anyhowly both on TV and behind the curtains.

It all began when Edward Ssendi took a jab at Halimah saying that she was only lucky to stay in relevant in the music industry for a long time but the truth is, her songs are trash.

This angered the singer who then took to television to speak her mind about Ssendi’s remarks saying that Ssend is a short man who is only talking to be noticed.

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“I don’t know Ssendi but I think he’s a short man and short people are always talking so that they can be seen. ” she said.

An angry Ssendi vowed to crucify her if she again spoke about him in an offending manner again.

“Make another interview while abusing me you will see , I forgave you for the first interview because you were set-up ,you were not aware that you were set-up by journalists to make news for them , I don’t have any problem with you but just do another interview abusing me, I will abuse and beat you, you won’t like it.- a chaotic Ssendi threatened.

It should be noted that Ssendi also down played singer Naira Ali’s music muscle in the same way. However, Naira Ali responded with heavy verbal missiles which silenced the motor mouthed Dembe FM presenter once and for all.

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Whether Ssendi is capable of thumping a woman however remains to be seen.

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