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Eddy Yawe Exposed by Sumayya Sheeba For Over Begging to chew Her Sumbie

Veteran singer Eddy Yawe has been exposed by upcoming singer Sumayya Sheeba for the countless time he keep begging to chew her Sumbie.

Summaya Sheeba is Ugandan female artist currently basing in Netherlands  that has made up some few song in her singing career

Eddy Yawe is one artist who has a very good voice and for the matter ,we are pretty sure that many upcoming female artists fancy to hook him up for collaborations.

However ,his relationship while working with female artists always ends up on sour note .As they say,that history always repeats itself ,yet again .According to Facebook shared by upcoming artist ,Summaya Sheeba, decries Eddy Yawe ‘s conduct after the singer refused to release their song ‘ akalosa’.

Summaya Sheeba
Summaya Sheeba


She claims it all began when she refused serve her Sumbie to him which triggered Eddy Yawe to¬† sang it with another person and also changed the song title to ‘ Kalosa’.

“Some people we meet out of respect can turn out to be the worst creatures on earth.Mr Eddie Yawe I effortlessly worked with you to release a song titled akalosa which you’ve later sang with another person and turned the title to kalosa.What could be the problem is it because I refused to fulfilled your sexual desires? let’s be guided not everyone lays with a person to be who they are.Am kindly not impressed by your action Ssebo .I deserved to be consulted first out of respect.”,sheeba posted.

KY Jamal
KY Jamal
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