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Eddy Kenzo Speaks Out on His Current Relationship With Bobi Wine


Big Talent Boss Eddy Kenzo has finally speak out on his current relationship with former mentor and singer Bobi Wine.

Ever since Eddy Kenzo predicted that Bobi Wine can never be the president of Uganda and if it happens that he will relocate to another country.

Eddy Kenzo went on and alleged that Bobi Wine is mean and hypocrite.

It seems his rants ruined their relationship with Bobi Wine and it looks like Bobi Wine totally chopped off ties and communication him.

While appearing on Urban TV for an interview ,Eddy Kenzo revealed that he is not sure if he will ever be in good terms with his former friend and mentor Bobi Wine because they do not talk anymore.

Though he said that he has no bad attentions with Bobi Wine and if he ever booked him to perform at any of his events ,he will perform.

“I don’t speak to Bobi Wine. We no longer communicate and surely I cannot give you a clear picture of my relationship with him,” Kenzo noted, before revealing that unlike his rusty relationship with Bobi, he is friends with Chameleone and Bebe Cool.

“…I roll pretty well with Bebe Cool and with Chameleone, we talk everyday,” he said. Kenzo, whose decorated music career spans over a decade, further revealed that if Bobi Wine paid him to sing at any of his concerts, he would take the opportunity up.

“I am a musician and if Bobi pays me to perform at his concerts, why not show up?”he added.

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When Eddy Kenzo was beginning his professional music career ,he was given a helping hand by Bobi Wine ‘s brother Mike Wine

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