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Eddy Kenzo Speaks Out about Big Eye’s outburst during his festival at Kololo

Singer Edirisa Musuuza alias Eddy Kenzo has finally spoken out on fellow singer Big Eye Starboss recent Outburst during his festival at Kololo.

Over the weekend ,Big Eye Starboss real name al name Ibrahim Mayanja, was seen involved in a scuffle with a deejay on stage at the Eddy Kenzo Festival.

The scuffle ensued when the deejay refused to play the singer’s latest song dubbed Husband Material, midway his performance.

Despite Big Eye’s continued request to have his song played, the deejay gave a deaf ear and instead switched to King Michael’s track Muko Muko.

This infuriated Big Eye, real name Ibrahim Mayanja, who attacked the deejay physically until the bouncers separated them.


The revelers who had come to have a good show were overhead blaming Big Eye for wanting to steal Eddy Kenzo’s shine at his own concert.
While speaking in press conference organized yesterday at Fairway Hotel expressing his gratitude towards fans and other stakeholders who made his show a success.

Eddy Kenzo condemned fellow singer Big Eye’s indiscipline he displayed at his show ,saying that he did something to fight Infront of the prime minister.

He further said that since there are friend with Big Eye ,he will get time and talk to him .

“Big Eye StarBoss’s issue has to do with discipline, if somebody tells you to perform one or two songs, do that and go, he did bad to fight in front of the Prime Minister, however he’s my friend so I’ll talk to him” – Eddy Kenzo said.

KY Jamal
KY Jamal
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