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Eddy Kenzo And Dr.Hamza Ssebunya Rubs Shoulders For The First Time

Singer Edrisah Musuuza alias Eddy Kenzo have met with Dr.Hamza Ssebunya the husband of his ex- girlfriend Rema Namakula.

A few years back , Eddy Kenzo and Rema Namakula ended their romance and Rema hooked up with Dr.Hamza.

But ever since Rema left Kenzo and got married to Dr. Hamza, Kenzo seemed to never be able to move on as he always kept reflecting back the pain he went through .

At some point , he was even reported saying that Ssebunya is a government spu working hard to bring him down something he never came out to prove.

A few days ago, he revealed that that for the first time to cry in public was when Rema ended their romance to date Dr. Ssebunya and felt that Rema had betrayed him.

Based on the viral social media video, showing the two men , Kenzo and Ssebunya rubbing shoulders and smiling as they posed for the photo.

Eddy Kenzo, Dr. Hamza and Friends

According to the sources the two met in Kenya while on trip

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