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Eddie Sendi Disputes Mowzey Radio’s Legendary Status

Veteran music critic and media personality Edward Sendikadiwa alias Eddie Sendi has disputed singer Mowzey Radio’s legendary status.

As world is celebrating late Mwozey Radio’s 38th birthday and his legacy in Uganda ‘s music industry ,Sendi has explained that Mwozey Radio doesn’t hold legendary musically as it is claimed by many.

Sendi said that Radio was a very talented musician and young man but doesn’t fit to be called a legend because there are some dots he didn’t click while he did some like discipline,charity ,legacy and artists brought through as some of the areas where opinions can differ.

He went ahead to say that Radio’s last 5 years were full of fights, controversy and unbecoming behavior. He therefore summed up that Radio was so good musically but never qualified for the legendary status.

“In terms of discipline, charity, legacy and the artists brought on the scene, Radio clicked some of these dots but he didn’t in others. The last 5 years of his life were chaotic and full of fights and unbecoming behavior. It’s a topic I don’t want to delve into much because my culture doesn’t allow me to speak about the dead. However, he was a very talented musician and young man but he doesn’t qualify to be called a legend,” said Sendi.

This however aroused controversy amongst social media users and other people. Singer Maro said that Radio kept Ugandans busy with his hits for 11 years.

The impact he had was therefore widely felt. His legacy might be little but it’s enough.

It’s not clear what Sendi based on to discredit Radio’s legendary status. But what he left behind is just too big to undermine.

Because together with his Weasel and as a solo artist, he had some of the biggest songs since 2008. In fact it’s hard to find a song released by the duo or Radio that wasn’t a hit.

KY Jamal
KY Jamal
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