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Dr. Hilderman Wants Weddings & Birthday Parties Organizers to Pay for Songs Played at their Events


Musician turned politician Hillary Kiyaga alias Dr. Hilderman wants Organizers of Weddings and other related events to pay royalties for songs played at their events .

According to Dr.Hilderman claims that an artist deserves to be paid whenever their music is played anywhere .

He disclosed that he is planning to present the bill on the floor of Parliament .

The Mawokota North MP, Dr.Hilderman says that the bill seeks to recognize and protect the rights of a composer of literary, artistic, scientific and intellectual works cognizant that the law as it is, assigns such rights to producers. He says the current law has a limited jurisdiction that leaves outside several sectors.

With some aspects of the Copyright and Neighboring Act getting outdated the legislator proposes penalties and sanctions on infringement on copyright works to fit the technological advancements.

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