Dr Bbosa Denies Allegations that the Ebonies group is No More




The Ebonies’ CEO, Sam Bagenda alias Dr Bbosa has refuted the allegations that Uganda’s oldest and most successful acting group ( the Ebonies) is no more .

A few days ago, the rumors had it that the group had fall apart over underpayment and mistreatment and that some members were considering solo careers.

While addressing the allegations during his recent interview ,Dr Bbosa said that the group is still intact and cannot part ways because it’s vision goes beyond one generation.

“Whoever claimed that we are splitting is just looking for popularity and likes on social media. I was told of the allegations by someone, but I must assure you that they are not true and we are even staging our show this coming Friday, September 16, we shall all be together,” Bagenda said.

He further explained that Ebonies’ members earn a specific amount according to their contracts.

“There are those that earn every month, those are permanent and the part-timers earn a favourable amount too,” Bagenda explained.

He further said that the group envisions a generation with them (the Bagenda generation) and it’s the reason it has embarked on recruiting young talent.

KY Jamal
KY Jamal
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