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“Don’t talk About Nabatanzi here, anyone sees her tell her I only have time for Angel”-Lwasa Embarrassed his Ex-lover Dianah

On Saturday Masaka Money bag Lwasa Emmanuel introduced by his short term Girlfriend named Angel in colorful ceremony in Luweero.

It is during this ceremony, the  Masaka businessman Lwasa Emmanuel embarrassed his ex lover Dianah Nabatanzi live on camera telling her  that her time is over and that he is now concentrating on his new wife Angel. Lwasa said this while talking to journalists immediately after being introduced to Angel’s family in Luweero.

“Don’t talk about Nabatanzi here……I want to assure her, or I want you people who will see her to tell her that now I only have time for Angel only,” Lwasa told journalists who were attending his introduction in Luweero.

The tycoon has also revealed that he married Angel because she has manners compared to his other Girlfriends.

“She has manners more than those other women I’ve been with. I was giving them everything, I cared about them but still they don’t know who Lwasa is. I’ve observed her for five months and realized that she has manners than the others”- he revealed.

He also mentioned with anger that he bought Dianah Nabatanzi a car, house and started for her a business adding that she is not poor since he helped her.

Even though many claim they marry who they marry because of love, for Lwasa it is different as he disclosed that he married Angel to take away his stress promising to marry another woman if she treats him bad.

He also dismissed the claims saying that his wife has never bewitched the television presenter and that allegations left his family members bitter with the NBS TV Uncut presenter Zahara Totto.

KY Jamal
KY Jamal
I am a Uganda born Writer , Entertainment news journalist , influencer , Marketer ,News editor and critic for the latest East African Entertainment news


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