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Dj Roja reports to work in Heels & a Boxer after Man U Onslaught.

Dj Roja yesterday became a laughing stock after he reported to NBS TV studios in unmatching high heels and a boxer to respect a football bet he had earlier cast but backfired.

Before the highly anticipated match between Arsenal and Manchester United, the celebrated deejay promised to put on high heels and boxers at work should Man U loose the match.

If Arsenal beats Man U …tomorrow I will do After 5 in a boxer and high heels.” he promised through his Twitter handle.

As fates would have it, Manchester United was slashed eight goals by Arsenal to just two, something that humbled the Deejay.

As a gentleman, he had to honour the bet and report to work in the attire he exactly described, making viewers go mad with laughter.

He however maintained he is still a Man U fan but vowed never again to humiliate himself because of a football bet again.

“I support Man U but am not betting again. You’re laughing but my feet hurt, I’m suffering. Women really suffer.” he cried afterwards.

NTV presenter, Andrew Kabuura also faced the same fate early this year and had to put on a dress at work. Man U had been whipped 3-1 by Chelsea in the FA Cup semi finals.

Watch Video below:

Khina Murah
Khina Murah
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