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DJ Nimrod is Immature in Deejaying – DJ Slick Stuart & DJ Roja

Deejaying duo Slick Stuart and Roja have come out saying that Deejay Nimrod is still immature in Deejaying and that he doesn’t hold legendary status when it comes to Deejaying.

While unveiling their official sponsor of their forthcoming mixtape party ,8th edition on Monday,  the duo spared few minutes to air their opinions on the Galaxy FM deejay.

DJ Roja expressed how much respect he has for Nimrod and noted how he has always been a healthy competitor.

“Nimrod is a good deejay, he is a very good deejay and I respect him and appreciate whatever he does. It’s healthy competition,” DJ Roja said.

Slick Stuart then as well added his opinion calling DJ Nimrod “a baby” and not befitting of the legendary status.

“Nimrod is a young baby in the industry. He has not yet reached in the big league because the ones I hav mentioned have set examples and done greater things but he (Nimrod) still has a lot to do.” Stuart said

Although they hailed him for organising outdoor shows as it is no easy thing to do and urged him to continue working hard.

KY Jamal
KY Jamal
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