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DJ Nimrod Denies Beefing Julian Kanyomozi


Galaxy FM’ s radio presenter, Nabeeta Nimrod alias DJ Nimrod has come out refute allegations that he is bitter with singer Juliana Kanyomozi.

This comes after his recent social media rants where he questioned whether singer Juliana Kanyomozi deserves the love she is receiving from fellow Musicians a head of her concert due to take place .

Juliana has been gearing up for her Boundless concert, a lot of musicians have been showing support to her through posting her and making revelers well updated about her upcoming concert.

This according to Nimrod is a sign of unfairness since Juliana who he believes is overrated has on several occasions failed to post and advertise fellow musicians concerts apart from Swangz’ Azawi successful show.

In an exclusive interview with a Youtuber, DJ Nimrod says he has a lot of respect Juliana Kanyomozi as a star and prominent figure in the industry who would actually take on the mantle to stand as UMA president or as an advisor on the board.

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He was however disappointed to see a figure that would share pieces of advise to the young artistes scheduling a show on the same day with the B2C soldiers.

Having failed to portray a good picture of painting self love amongst fellow acts in the local music industry, DJ Nimrod without remorse has called upon the Tooro Princess to work on her attitude and stop being self centered for the betterment of the industry.

“I’m not attacking Juliana as a person and my statements were aimed at encouraging local musicians to spread self love. As local DJs decided to stop giving a lot of music play to Nigerian artistes at the extent of our very own, I want this to be reflected in Ugandan musicians starting with Juliana Kanyomozi. She is a prominent musician in the industry but she has not done enough to support fellow musicians no wonder, she wasn’t ashamed to put a concert on the same day with young artistes like B2C,” stated DJ Nimrod.

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