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Diggy Baur Speaks Out About Bewitching Chameleone to Loose Elections

When singer Joseph Mayanja alias Jose Chameleone lost Kampala Lord Mayoral elections, an old video clip of Producer Diggy Baur cursing Chameleone and promising him to never win came online, now he has spoken out.

Chameleone beat up Diddy Baur to pulp in 2020, a video leaked online where the renowned music producer was promising to bewitch the singer and make him lose out in the elections.

“I didn’t bewitch Chameleone to lose. I made that statement because I was angry at him after the fight. I had no reason because we had reconciled and we are friends as we used to be. So I had no reason to bewitch him,” Baur revealed.

However, Baur has denied having a hand in the ‘Baliwa’ singer’s loss saying he did’t have a reason to do so because they had him athey had reconciled days after the fight.

Jose Chameleone is yet to speak to the press since his lose.

Sean Musa Carter
Sean Musa Carter
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