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Did You know that Mowzey Radio Wanted to Stand for Presidency?? The Shocking Truth

Three years ago, Uganda’s number one vocalist Moses Sekibogo aka Mowzey Radio passed away after suffering a blood clot in his brain sustained in a bar in Entebbe. He was laid to rest at Nakawuka in Wakiso District.

According to Fremer Media, one of Mowzey Radio’s back up singers revealed how he wanted to stand for Presidency and change people’s lives.

She told Fremer that Moses Radio used to organize music tours in different parts of Uganda although they never got to know his intentions by then.

“Moses Radio wanted to change the world but most importantly to change Uganda and the people’s way of life through changing their mindset” – she said to our reporter.

She also added that before his death, Moses Radio organised a tour to the Eastern Uganda but in most cases he used to separate with the team at night and went to meet local leaders in different villages where they had gone.

“He did this mostly on every tour which we went to but that last tour tour landed him in big troubles” – she said.

Mowzey Radio with Bobi Wine at Busabala beach
Mowzey Radio with Bobi Wine at Busabala beach

It’s on record that Frank a young brother to Moses Radio one day said that before his brother was murdered, he used to start hiding from people which he said that they were monitoring his moves everyday.

It’s also said that Moses Radio wrote a book about the way he could change people’s life through their mindset but till today no one has ever seen it also it’s suspected to be with the Kyadondo East legislature Bobi Wine who used to be his great friend and he used to spend most of his time with him.

Moses Radio one day had a misunderstanding with Uganda president when the Tubonga Nawe artists went to the State House to claim their money, it’s said that the angry Radio moved out of the state house after disagreeing with the the president.

Radio died on 1st February 2018 after spending a week at case clinic while fighting for his life and he was later laid to rest in Nakawuka.

Whole story credited to Fremer Media

Khina Murah
Khina Murah
I am a Ugandan well trained and experienced Entertainment journalist and businesswoman. I do both research and anchoring.


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