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“Diamond Platnumz will never taste my honey-pot again”- Zari Hassan swears

Singer Diamond Platnumz transported him team all the way to the Airport to pick up his baby mama Zari Hassan and the kids Princess Tiffah and Prince Nillah at the airport from South Africa to Tanzania.

After two years of being away from each other, they all looked happy for having met each other.

Diamond is seen hugging Zari and carrying the beautiful kids while Zari is sweet talking and asking the kids how happy they were.

“I think there is one thing about Africans what we don’t understand, hatuwilewi, even if he got somebody I can still come because it is the home for the kids regardless of what happened between us because we are co-parenting,” –Z ari stated.

“People are saying of she back together with him, she is back, no I am just here for the kids and we are looking forward to having a good time with the kids, that’s all” – Zari added.

Sean Musa Carter
Sean Musa Carter
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