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DEFIANT: “I am a businessman” – Ronald Mayinja explains why he Dumped NUP.


Musician Ronald Mayinja has begged angry opposition supporters to put an end to the insults he is receiving after declaring his support to President Museveni,  explaining that he is only a businessman, hustling his way to riches.

On top of declaring his support for Museveni untill 2040, the ex NUP member composed a campaign song ‘Akalulu’ which urges Ugandans to vote President Museveni due to the many things he has done for Ugandans. This further increased opposition’s enmity toward him.

Ronald Mayinja and Museveni

In self defence,  Mayinja addressed the media and explained that in composing the campaign song, he was just doing business. He thus urged Ugandans to let him be.

He explained that a wise business man doesn’t care about political or religious affiliation, but only mind’s about the money. He thus begged Ugandans not to mix politics with business.

I don’t want to get involved in politics. I don’t want to look at someone’s religion when doing my business. I am an artist and singing is a business. I am not a traitor. After abandoning my dream to become a political leader, I had to go back to singing,”he said.

As a business person, do you really need to be selective when selling your products? I think you have to sell your products to whoever comes to your shop. So even me, I want to work. Let’s not judge a person just like that.” Mayinja added defensively.

Worth noting is that Mayinja,  having been in NRM joined NUP as an official member and even apologized to Bobi Wine for having been a hindrance to the struggle.

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His rejoining NRM came as a shocker to many while the hardcore People Power supporters now view him as a traitor who betrayed the ‘struggle.’

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