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“Daddy Andre Holds a Special Place in my Heart” – Angella Katatumba Confesses

Angella - Daddy Andre - Nina Roz(1)
Angella - Daddy Andre - Nina Roz(1)

It seems that singer Angella Katatumba will never get over Daddy Andre as she has revealed that he will always be part of her life forever.

During an interview with the media, Angella explained that her ex lover Andre is and will always be a Special person in her life.

The singer revealed that Andre always treated her with love and respect and that he will forever remain a friend

“He is very special and I respect him so much because of how good he treated me during our relationship. He is one person who will always be very much attached to me,” she said in an interview with local television.

Daddy Andre and Katatumba dated for about six months and made it a point to paint their love all over social media. Their relationship even birthed the popular ‘Tonelabira’ song that went on to top the charts.

Angella-katatumba Daddy Andre

However they broke up when Daddy Andre refused to take an HIV test.

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Andre got engaged to fellow singer Nina Akankunda alias Nina Roz in a traditional ceremony dubbed kukyala.

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