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Crysto Panda Hits at People who say He can’t sing

Singer ,media personality and emcee ,Kityamuwesi Herbert alias Crysto Panda has responded back to people who say that he cannot sing.

Crysto Panda talent is doubted by many critics ,some of whom are not even afraid to say he is a terrible singer and others have advised him to quit music and concentrate on presenting .

Crysto Panda has not had any significant hit song ever since he released his breakthrough ‘ Kyolina Omanya ‘ with Sheebah.

Since then he has been struggling to add another hit song but he failed .

While responding to the rants put up on him by some his fans during his recent interview, Crysto said that he won’t quit music just because of naysayers .

He further said that there are many people who love and listen to his music .That one should tell him what to do with his life because on one invest in him.

” I have many people who love my music .I sing for those buy mostly for myself.No one gives me money to make audios or videos so no one should tell me what to do with my life ” , He said

KY Jamal
KY Jamal
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