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Comedian patrick Salvado Resigns From Sanyu FM, Reveals Why

Uganda’s celebrated comedian Patrick Salvado has resigned from Sanyu FM.He reveals why.

He broke news of his resignation via his Facebook,where is posted length statement narrating his journey with Jinja road based radio station and reveals why he has decided to quit .

He revealed that since economy is fully open now ,he would love to give more time to his career of being comedian because he got much love for stand up comedy and that he will be traveling a lot for shows yet radio requires full time and consistency which he can’t withstand as statement reads below:

It was on the 10th of June 2020 at about 5pm when I received an unexpected call from my good friend Rajiv Ruparelia asking me how I was.
It was during the toughest of lockdowns thanks to the COVID-19 PANDEMIC… This was a call that really made me very happy coz I was going through some uncertain times. We had a brief and precise chat that led to him asking the question, “What do you think about working on radio?” … Well, it was a question that I’d been asking myself coz with my line of work at the time, that was the only viable Job I could do and I’d actually been actually contemplating writing Job applications to various radio stations to keep myself busy during the lockdown as my first love which was doing comedy was totally shut down.
I replied with a …… “Yeah I’d definitely be keen on working on radio since I’d done it before when I was just starting my comedy journey.”
So he was like okay, let me call you back … and he hung up .., I said to myself…. “that is strange like … how random was this call”….. Well I went on with my business .. I was actually cooking for my very pregnant wife at the time when he called back.
“Hey Salvado, what do you think about working for Sanyu Fm?” He asked … I was ecstatic coz well it’s Sanyu Fm, the cream De’la cream of Ugandan radio.. the best frequency you could ever get .. I didn’t hesitate with the answer .. I excitedly told him OFCOURSE IT WOULD BE A DREAM COME TRUE …. He said, I want you to work for Sanyu. In my head I was like, so I’m going to get this grand introduction .. maybe have a month of media adverts, billboards etc before being unveiled but hoooo he surprised me by asking , “Can you start tomorrow?”
Puzzled, I was like say what? .. he didn’t mince hes words and said, I want you to start tomorrow .. Joooo, now if you don’t know how close I am to the Ruparelia Group, you’d understand why it wasn’t even a .. “let me think about it” …. response Knowing how they have supported me and my career over the years. Without hesitation nor asking why so soon… I Said Yes … he was like cool, see you tomorrow at the station .. Eh ate did I sleep, I looked at my wife who always has this very wonderful quotation she says when we are in a time of confusion … “ Everything happens for a reason” ….. I officially said my first words as a Sanyu Fm presenter on the 11th of June 2022 … and as they say, the rest is history.
Why I’m I telling this story? Well every beginning has an end, and however much it pains me to say, my radio journey with Sanyu Fm is coming to the end this month. And what a journey it has been with almost 2 years under my belt as a Sanyu Fm employee … I’ve met some amazing people, shared some amazing memories and learnt a whole lot about persistence, hard work and being surrounded by a team that defines the name of its company “SANYU”.
I’m forever going to carry the Sanyu Fm flag with me wherever I go. One of the main reasons for this decision is the fact that after opening up of the economy, my first love (Standup Comedy) was reborn, meaning I’d have to be away from my show most of the times, which is very unfair to my team (Dedan and Yvonne), the company and my Group MD, and radio being a real time job that requires consistency.. I felt my absence due to my many lined up travels to do comedy would be bad for the show hence this heavy and painful but necessary decision.
I’d like to firstly thank my brother Dijay Cacie for the warm welcome when I joined, one of the first people I ever said hi to live on air, I just knew there and then this was my guy .. one of the most amazing Deejay’s In the country, just know we are pamoja paka last …..
And then …… and then ……. God presented me with a gem of a sister and friend the amazing Miss Deedan ah woman, I have no words to describe you, you are my bro, my confidant, my ride or die .. in you I found a partner in crime .. we had a chemistry made in heaven when we worked, I’m going to miss you so much .. you are the best and most hardworking presenter this country has been blessed with, I pray for nothing but the best for you. Working with you is always a joy and I know we shall always meet in the MC circles Coz every wise client knows me on you on the mic together is well .. I can don’t say
Tindimwebwa Yvonne .. miss English, mama bear, you made the trilogy fully functional, thank you for being a protector and lover of life .. you were God sent for our show .. Im going to miss you too.
I don’t think I can thank everyone enough who made my stay at Sanyu a wonderful one just like the company’s name .. from programming to management to sales to the News team. All I can say is thank you …
You will once in a while hear my voice on radio till the end of the month when I’ll officially sign out but I thought I should write this before anyone narrates my story for me.
And finally to you Rajiv Ruparelia … you are more than a brother .. thank you for everting, I know this isn’t Goodbye bse we still have a lot of work to do together .. I’ll just appreciate you for the big heart you have .. Mehn you are special. May God bless you abundantly. Words fail me so I’ll just keep it at that.
This isn’t goodbye but see you later as I concentrate on my personal projects.
I’ll forget cherish you @88.2sanyufm – to my team … My PD Mugisher Roger GM Chris Ireland Jaluo Ayeya Okello Timothy Code Philo Mena Ethan Kavuma Deejay Xzyl Harris Stella .. I love you and will miss you guys …. Till we cross paths again … See you later 🙏🏾
Yours truly
Patrick Salvado


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