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Comedian Madrat Reveals What Made Him Embrace Islam

Comedian Dickson Lubega ‘ ‘Malik Umar’ Lubega alias Madrat who recently converted from Christianity to Islam has shared actual reasons why he decided to change his religion .

Having converted to Islam ,Madrat got a lot of criticism for his decision as many considered it a stunt .He has however come out today and clarified the whole situation.

While appearing on NTV Uganda’s Mwasuze mutya show ,Madrat disclosed that for many years ,the lslam faith has been something of he has picked interest.

He maintains that it’s not a choice he made for himself but rather a destiny he was meant to only fulfil that having been surrounded by several Muslim friends ,he slowly learned of their faith until he recently decided to convert to Islam .

However ,maintained that he will not influence his daughter and wife to convert to Islam since he respect his past religion .

“I have tried different religions under Christianity however I have always admired to become a Muslim .My wife is a christian and I will not force her or our daughter to change to Islam “, Madrat explained.

It should be noted that there are several other artistes who have converted to Islam before, although many of them have since backslid.

Some of them include Omulangira Suuna, who converted to Islam to win over a woman’s heart, Jose Chameleone, who did the same to make news headlines, Grace Ssekamate, among others.

KY Jamal
KY Jamal
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