Cindy Sanyu Speaks Out on Why She Snubbed the Dubai Show




Over the weekend ,Singer Cindy Sanyu declined to perform at show she was booked for in Dubai.

Many reports alleged that she refused to perform because of the poor turn up of revellers at the event.

However she has come and clear the air to why she snubbed the show.

Through her socials she disclosed that the organisers of the event to ignored her terms and conditions that she had to snub it because she had no choice.

Though she apologised to her fans in Dubai were so excited that they were finally going to see her performing on stage after awhile.

“My sincere apologies go out to the fans in Dubai. Music is a business for me so if there’s no business there’s no music. When you work with people who keep ignoring the terms and conditions you have no choice than to stand your ground and let them decide. By the grace of God I and my team are back home safe and getting ready for Fusion Eco Resort Hotel & Auto Spa this Friday
#artistshaverights”,she posted.

KY Jamal
KY Jamal
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