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Cindy Sanyu Expresses Her Fear with Feminist Movement

Uganda Musician Association ( UMA) president and Dancehall singer ,Cindy Sanyu says it is not good for someone more especially women to join the feminist movement because they would end up sad ,alone and lonely.

Early today,Cindy Sanyu has decided to finally share her women’s Day message having held onto it so long for the past few hours .

“Boom Party ” hit maker in her message decided to advise fellow not to subscribe to feminist movement unless they lesbians.

“Since the other day, I was wondering what to tell women (Specifically)for women’s day so after a lot of thought this is my message to women. Unless you’re lesbian, don’t join the feminist movement, you will end up sad, alone, and lonely. No joke,” Cindy wrote


Her message seems to be applauded by several of her fans and followers. Others, however, are not pleased with all with how she delivered it.

Over the years, Sheebah Karungi has advocated for the feminist movement in the country, despite the heavy criticism that has surrounded her.

The feminism movement is built on uplifting and establishing equality living for all genders in society.

KY Jamal
KY Jamal
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