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Cindy Sanyu Celebrates UMA Elections Postponement

Cindy Sanyu

Singer Cindy Sanyu has come to celebrate the Postponement of 28th July 2022 Uganda Musicians Association ( UMA) elections even though many musicians where unhappy with cancellation.

This was after the Ministry of Gender and Social affairs intervened and issued statement to stop the arrangements on grounds that artists outside Kampala area were being left out.

During an interview on TV ,Cindy said that she was happy with the cancellation of the UMA elections citing that many of her voters especially in upcountry were being left out .

Further said that Physical voting and National Theater were discriminative .

“This works for me. Many of my supporters were being left out. 60/70 % of my people are upcountry. The physical voting and National Theatre were discriminative,” she said in interviews after the elections were cancelled for the second time.

“The ministry has promised to fund the elections and now the burden is off the association, which we should now be grateful for,” she added.

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A new date for choosing new leaders is yet to be announced and we shall keep you updated .

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