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Chris Evans, Serena Bata taste Doze of teargas in Owino Market

Singers Chris Evans Kaweesi and Serene Bata were teargassed by the police over yesterday in Owino market during their on ground promotion for Chris Evans forthcoming concert.

Band singer Chris Evans will be holding a concert on Saturday 29th of this month at Freedom City.

But Chris Evans has had the most terrible moments ever since he started promoting his upcoming concert.

A few days ago, he broke into tears during an interview on live TV as he was talking about how fellow musicians have refused to support him to promote his concert.

Yesterday, he took the promotions for his concert downtown in effort to engage his fans who have always supported him through thick and thin.


Owino market has been a hot destination for promo for several artistes before their concerts and the pair visited the popular market with some free goodies.

While trying to give out free tickets, however, their drive was cut short when police interfered to disperse the crowd which had turned a bit rowdy.

The video shared by Mbu.ug shows Serena Bata being helped by her bouncers who try to pour water on her face to help lessen the impact of the teargas.

Police reportedly stopped them because the pair had not sought permission to hold the public gathering.

KY Jamal
KY Jamal
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