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Chosen Becky to Face Court for not Performing at an Introduction after Being Paid Shs 2M

Songstress Chosen Becky real names Rebecca Kukuriza is currently in hot soup after woman identified as Vivian threatened to take her to court for failing to perform at her introduction ceremony even after being paid.

Vivian revealed that she agreed with the “Nesimye” singer to perform on her intro and she would pay her shs 2 Million for her services. The two met and Vivian made a deposit of 1 Million.

Unfortunately, Chosen Becky did not appear on the actual day of the ceremony as they had agreed, she says that she rather appeared later but looked troubled.

Vivian narrates that as soon as she appeared, she started taking pictures with her fans at the function without an apology.

Vivian explained that they later agreed that the singer would return the 1M since she didn’t perform but when she called her, Becky insulted her and threatened to drag her to court.

Vivian claims that Chosen Becky does not have respect for her clients, she gave her a week’s ultimatum to pay her money or else face court immediately.

Chosen Becky

Khina Murah
Khina Murah
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