Chosen Becky Bitterly Breaks up with Lover & Baby Daddy Dictator Amir




Fresh news coming in from our reliable sources indicates that young Female Vocalist Rebecca Kukiriza and her baby daddy, Blogger Dictator Amir are No more.

It has been reported that the couple bitterly broke up after having a nasty fight.

Unconfirmed reports have it that Chosen Becky found unpleasant text messages in boyfriend’s phone chatting with different girls which resulted into a bug fight that saw their relationship hit a dead end.

Our snoops revealed that after the fight, Dictator packed his bags and left the house where the couple was leaving with their son.

It should be noted that Chosen Becky and Dictator Amir had dated for over three years and they’re blessed with a son who they named, Heather Mutebi Amir

Khina Murah
Khina Murah
I am a Ugandan well trained and experienced Entertainment journalist and businesswoman. I do both research and anchoring.
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