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Chameleone, Pallaso fly to Tanzania to See Off President Magufuli

Jose Chameleone and Pallaso left to attend Tanzania’s President John Pombe Magufuli send Off Ceremony.

Brothers Jose Chameleone and Pallaso left Uganda for Tanzania on Sunday to attend the burial ceremony  of late president John Pombe Magufuli who was announced dead on Wednesday.

The pair boarded the Air Tanzania flight en route to Dar Es Salaam where they are set to join Tanzanian artists to pay respect to the fallen head of state.

Before Magufuli passed on, Chameleone had been booked to perform at an event that was scheduled to take place in Tanzania but it was postponed due to president Magufuli’s death.

It should be recalled that sometime back, Magufuli recognized Jose Chameleone as the ambassador of the Swahili language and applauded the singer for promoting and singing in native language.

president, John Magufuli
president, John Magufuli

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KY Jamal
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